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 how to join the LEFT FOOT CLAN
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to join u must add blikjecola, lancelot672 or nihal1 to youre friends list. when they are online ask them if you can join the clan. !!!WARNING!!! u must be lvl 20 or more to join

 members of the LEFT FOOT CLAN
1.blikjecola & lancelot672 (leaders) 2.horse809 3.aviter100 4.lanselot53 5.aaron6330 6.tal rasha203 7.isander g sint10 9.drognand1 10.mani99999 11.rammsteindmx 12.nihal1(lancelot672) 13.slibpater 14.ceetje007 15.ajax102 16.kelka69 17.thomaske17 18.jensa1751 lock8 20.haboers48 21.janee8 22.sir tom83

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 pking trips
23/02/2006 edgeville bank world 52, 8pm

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welcome to the clan site of the LEFT FOOT CLAN

sorry, the contest is over. the winner is jensa1751

im selling a addy (t) platebody and a black (g) plateskirt add me to negotiate over the price --- blikjecola--- buying rune essence, 3 air runes per essence ---rammsteindmx--- selling addy legs, torn page 2 (zamorak) torn page 3 (saradomin), buying coal (100 or above) ---jensa1751--- buying coal 200gp each ---kelka69--- buying saradomin, zamorak or guthix full helm ---blikjecola--- selling 15k oaks - 50 each ---thomas0175 ---

 how to place an advertisment
to place an advertisment you must add blikjecola and say what you want to buy or sell, he will place the advertention on the site !!!ONLY FOR CLAN MEMBERS!!!

- alle ringtones
- babyhouse
- Bazarke
- camping vakanties
- demoniknights
- dharoks realm
- global runescape
- rune hints
- runemasters
- runescape boards
- runescape top 100
- runescape underworld
- Sneeuwvakanties
- speel en win
- van alles en nog wat
- webshopping
- webstore
- windows mobile world
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the rules are simple: 1. be friendly to other members of the clan. 2. dont beg like a noob. 3. if you see that a clan member dies you take his stuff and give it back when he respawns.

do u know runescape ?
i heard of it

 wildy uniform
at least 1 piece of armour in black or full green dragonhide, the other things can you choose. we have chosen these uniforms because the clan colors are black & green

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